Our new digital zine

Welcome to Galeri’s first ever digital “zine”. The zine includes a range of features/articles and activities that we hope will be of interest to you.

As the Covid situation improves week-by-week, we are still awaiting a roadmap and guidelines as to how and when we can re-open Galeri to the public and start programming events. This zine provides an insight into certain projects we have been working on during the lockdown(s) of the last year and to showcase some of the creative community we have in Caernarfon and beyond.

This is the first in what we hope will become a regular zine. It seems we will be promoting our events/programme through this zine moving forward in addition to promoting other events in the area.

For us to be able to provide you with engaging e-zine, we would appreciate your comments with regards to:

To contact us with your suggestions and comments, please send a private message on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or email us on

We hope you enjoy the first edition!

Download as PDF to your device