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Safle creu gofod anadlu gan Alec Shepley

Ar y Ffram

Bri / Essence / Brí

July - October 2023

Bri: Natur gynhenid neu ansawdd anhepgor rhywbeth
Essence: The intrinsic nature or indispensable quality of something
Brí: Nádúr intreach nó cáilíocht fíor-riachtanach do rud éigin

Bridging the gap between Fine Art and Fashion, Ríon Hannora creates wearable art. With nods to both the baroque era and urban graffiti there is often a juxtaposition throughout her collections. The act of collaboration is also often found in her work and this exhibit is not an exception to that. Bringing neighbouring countries together through this amalgamation of fashion and fine art was a goal from the very beginning and so, Ríon reached out to three Welsh artists and two Irish artists to collaborate on this project; Ffion Evans, Aisling Phelan, Morgan Dowdell, Osian Efnisien and Amelia Greham. Evans, Phelan, Dowdell and Efnisien were given a garment each, made by Ríon in her Dublin studio to explore their own practice through the use of clothing. Each artist was given just over a month to make this blank canvas of a garment, into something else entirely. All the while, Amelia Greham created the mannequins in which these garments are displayed.

Safle celf


The British Society of Enamellers

The objective of our Society is to promote excellence in British enamelling and professional enamellers working in this country and abroad. The British Society of Enamellers has a broad membership, encompassing levels of expertise from enamel students to professional level enamellers.UK based, the BSOE has international connections and offers exhibition opportunities, bursaries, an online gallery, industry discounts, workshops and events for its members. Our aim is to promote the highest standards of contemporary design and workmanship in all aspects of this unique and exciting medium. OUR MISSION IS TO CONNECT, INSPIRE, SUPPORT AND PROMOTE THE PROFESSIONAL ENAMELLING COMMUNITY.

SAFLE CREU Alec Shepley Breathing Space


Breathing Space
Alec Shepley

Air is largely invisible and yet integral to our existence. It moves freely across borders and through bodies, resisting our attempts to define and contain it. The coronavirus pandemic highlighted air is a shared, intimate space that renders us vulnerable to infection. The air we breathe is a common space and the locus for my curiosity and play in this residency, as it relates to all things now and in the future, societal inequality, and shared responsibility. The aim of my pragmatic art projects is to connect with a community to bring together multiple layers of experience and this manifests itself in my work – words, picture, objects, films, sound etc. Through this ‘spatial information’ I aim to provide conversation pieces. I invite you to come in, take a seat and relax. Even have a lie down. And listen to the sound of your own breath. Enjoy.

Safle celf Stephen Green Y Wal


Porth Annwn
Stephen Green

I regard drawing as a means of working out, understanding, and realising ideas visually. My work is mostly abstract; it is intended to represent my thoughts and ideas. To that end, I work with formal conventions of drawing, realising the idea through variations. Currently my ideas are interpretations of Welsh myths: the Mabinogion. Specifically, stories in which the protagonists travel to a parallel world (Annwn). The images in this exhibition are intended to suggest gaps in the reality of our world where it is possible to travel to another, parallel, world.

Derbynfa / Oriel Caffi


The Llwybrau Celf Projects focused on high quality art experiences for young people in Gwynedd and Ynys Mon, to develop their artistic skills and to provide deeper insight into culture and creative opportunities in Wales. Thank you to Arts Council Wales of Wales for Funding the project.

llwybrau celf uwch

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