Art Space:

by Swci Delic

01.03.19 – 13.04.19

Safle Celf

The number SEVEN is a holy number in many beliefs and religions - a symbol of good luck. Certainly, the number is lucky to the artist Swci Delic. When she was struck by brain cancer in 2010 the prognosis was that she would live for another two years (maybe).

This year sees her seventh year past this prognosis – and this exhibition celebrates this.

A multi-media exhibition of canvas, sculpture and video, which gives a vivid glimpse into the chaotic condition of a brain fighting and living with cancer, within itself, seven days a week. The result is a body of work which is bold, psychedelic, contemporary, fun and larger than life.

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Anti Beta
by Gweni Llwyd
14.04.19 – 28.04.19

Anti Beta

Raised in Dyffryn Nantlle, Gweni Llwyd graduated from Cardiff School of Art and Design in 2017 and has exhibited throughout Wales and Europe. She won the Young Artist Scholarship at the National Eisteddfod Cardiff 2018 with her strong, vibrant, mesmerising and bizarre visuals.

She approaches video-making in the same process as collage, embedding found and created digital imagery that create stunningly visual abstracted narratives.

Y Wal:

Tea in the Sea
by Twinkle and Gloom

25.03.19 – 05.05.19

CARNafanTwinkle and Gloom is a celebration of femininity, girl power and tea, and an expression of frustration and shyness. The work is about playing with expectations, twisting tradition, embracing youthful language and expressing ideas through tongue in cheek imagery. The world can be a dark place, the human race can be frustrating, as Lowri says “my art won’t change the world, but I hope it can give relief for a moment by raising a smile”. The Artwork featured in this exhibition celebrates Girl Power and Femininity in various forms, including a quirky take on our Traditional Welsh Lady.

Cywrain: Tide

05.01.19 – 30.04.19

Cywrain - Llanw

‘Cywrain’ is a project for applied arts and contemporary craft and design, celebrating makers and artists from the Celtic regions at Galeri since 2013. We are delighted that since opening the new extension, Cywrain is able to expand from the glass cabinets into a purpose-built space located in the main reception area – providing further opportunities for artists/makers to exhibit and sell their work.

The theme for this opening season is Llanw (Tide) – with 10 makers presenting work influenced by this special theme – the light, colour, energy of the waves, seascapes and the life of the shoreline.

It showcases a range of art-forms - textiles, glass, wood, metal, ceramic, jewellery and print.

Exhibiting this term are:
Katy Mai Ceramics, Callie Jones Illustrations, Jane Williams, Beca Fflur, Karen Williams, Glosters, Amy Cooper, Debbie Rudolph, Rachel Stowe, Irene + Edith

Interested in exhibiting your work here in Galeri?

Please contact our art and craft coordinator to discuss the application process and for further information:
01286 685 208

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