Art Space:

Parallel Lives
by Clare Marie Bailey
06.03.20 - 19.04.20

Parallel Lives

Clare Marie Bailey is an analogue photographer and filmmaker who was born and grew up on the Island of Anglesey in Wales. Clare’s work centred on self-portraits, is heavily influenced by the Cinema, Magical Iconography, Dreams, the Counterculture of the 1960’s and B-Movies. Clare works with film to create an alternative and parallel world where she can co-exist with the ‘real’ world and is fascinated with the idea of ‘doubles’ and ‘doppelgangers’ and the concept of reinvention. Through a variety of female characters and scenarios Parallel Lives explores the hidden, unknown, feelings of loneliness, longing and an ambivalent sense of disconnection and connectedness.

Y Wal:

by Efa Lois & Morgan Owen

09/03/20 - 10/04/20


‘Rhithganfyddiad’ is a joint project between the poet Morgan Owen and the artist Efa Lois. The projects record the impressions of both areas of Wales, in the form of poetry and art. ‘Rhithganfyddiad’ began during a gap year when Efa Lois was still living in Cardiff Bay. The range of architecture lost in the bay, when 'Cardiff Bay' was built from the old 'Tiger Bay' was a disaster in her eyes. So many homes were lost, but also a community, and a history that was so interesting and important to contemporary Wales. This event inspired Efa to begin the project, with Morgan Owen, the poet, looking at Butetown, and Tiger Bay being used on our prints as a sign of what was lost. They have now expanded the collection of ‘Rhithganfyddiad’ beyond the city limits, and more areas of Wales are on their way!

Safle CREU:

Ynys Blastig Exhibition
March - April

Ynys Blastig Exhibition

The pupils of Ysgol Maesincla in Caernarfon have led a march around the town calling for a reduction in the overuse of plastic. As part of the Ynys Blastig (Plastic Island) project commissioned by Gwynedd Council, a number of local artists are working with the school to create artwork that will inspire the wider community to think about how the use of plastic can be cut down. To launch the debate, a number of Ysgol Maesincla pupils dressed in costumes created from plastic waste, and marched through the streets of Caernarfon.

Iola Ynyr, lead artist for the Ynys Blastig project, said: "The children's enthusiasm for this important subject is evident and they all have clear ideas about how we should all do more for our environment. “The purpose of the parade was to draw the public's attention to the overuse of plastic and try to inspire us to reduce our use of plastic. "We are going to be working with the community to try to encourage people to think of ways to use materials other than plastic." Councillor Gareth Thomas, Gwynedd Council's Cabinet Member for Economy and Community, said: "These days there is a great deal of attention about the unnecessary use of plastic and the detrimental effect it can have on the environment. "The aim of the Ynys Blastig project is to use art to broaden that awareness, and to enable local artists to work with some of the area's children to create work that will inspire all of us to realise that everyone has a duty to play our part for the planet.

Siop Cywrain:

10/01/20 - 05/04/20

Cywrain: Gwledd

  • Anne Morgan
  • Cai & Jo
  • Cariad Clay
  • Divine Within
  • Dwyryd Ceramics
  • Earthworks Pottery
  • Ffion Pritchard
  • Jane Smith
  • Little Brown Bird Company
  • MJH-S Contemprary
  • Moonlit Press
  • Nigel Ball Photography
  • NS-Designs
  • Paperwhale
  • Phia Eco
  • Viven Prideaux

‘Cywrain’ will be showcasing a variety of makers from the celtic nations whose work is influence by outer space, the colours and patterns of supernovas, planets and the stars beyond. From traditional crafts to contemporary our ‘Cywrain’ showcases will suit a vast audience.

Safle CelfSince opening the new extension, our dedicated space for workshops – Safle Creu has a year-round programme of various masterclasses, taster sessions and workshops.

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