From their favourite food to their ultimate line-up, join Dion and Naomi as they learn how their guests would coordinate their ‘Un Noson Olaf’ (‘One Last Night’).

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owain tudur jones

Episode 3 - Owain Tudur Jones

Former football player and presenter, Owain Tudur Jones is our guest for this episode of 'Un Noson Olaf'. Owain discusses his ideal burger, Owain Fôn Williams' artwork and wearing fancy dress on his one final night.of Power.....

Episode 3


Episode 2 - Owain Arthur

The Actor, Owain Arthur is our guest of the second episode of 'Un Noson Olaf'. Owain discusses bread from Llanaelhaearn, photography and the new series of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power.....

Episode 2


Episode 1 - Yws Gwynedd

The Musician, Yws Gwynedd is our first guest of the second series of 'Un Noson Olaf'. Yws discusses vegan food from Alys Williams, art by Lisa Eurgain Taylor and Quantum physics....

Episode 1

Episode 7 - Llŷr Evans

Episode 7 - Llŷr Evans

The actor, Llŷr Evans is our guest for episode number seven. Llŷr talks about eating swans, turning the marina into a water park and the new film La cha cha.

Episode 7


Episode 6 - Lindsay Walker

The Film maker, Lindsay Walker is our guest for episode number six. Lindsay talks about steak and chips, ffilms and Fleetwood Mac.

Episode 6


Episode 5 - Kristina Banholzer

The Documentary Photographer, Kristina Banholzer is our guest for episode number five. Kristina talks about European food, documentary photography and brass bands in circuses.

Episode 5


Episode 4 - Tegwen Bruce-Deans

The creative writer, Tegwen Bruce-Deans is our guest for episode number four. Tegwen talks about Italian food, Vincent van Gogh and music from Wales.

Episode 4


Episode 3 - Mari Elen

The Multimedia Artist, Mari Elen is our guest for the third episode of our podcast. Join us as we talk about Mexican food, Madame Tussauds and Beyonce.

Episode 3


Episode 2 - George Amor

The musician and new member of staff, George Amor is our guest for the second episode of the podcast. Join us as we talk about gigs in the cinema, Star Wars and eating shellfish.

Episode 2


Episode 1 - Rhys Grail

The artist, musician and photographer Rhys Grail is the first guest, discussing gyozas, satirical artists and offering free tattoos in a gig...

Episode 1