Merched Caerdydd / Nos Sadwrn o Hyd


Two contemporary plays based in the capital city of Wales, by two distinct voices (in one night):


Merched Caerdydd (by Catrin Dafydd)


Cardiff is home to Cariad, Liberty and Awen. Whilst they each tread a very different path in life, they have more in common than their city alone.


Here are three young, bright, and perhaps unexpected women from contemporary Wales, each trying to make sense of their messy lives. Women trying to come to terms with their past whilst navigating their futures.


But will change be possible? Or has their fate already been sealed?


Nos Sadwrn o Hyd (by Roger Williams)


Following a messy break-up sound-tracked by Take That, Lee goes looking for love and finds it. For a short while life is sweet, but after every Saturday night dawns the harsh reality of Sunday morning and, as Lee discovers, nothing lasts forever.


This is a Welsh language production. English language access available with the Sibrwd app. Details:


A Theatr Genedlaethol Cymru production in cooperation with the National Eisteddfod, Mas ar y Maes & OOMFF.


Age guide: 14+

19:30 - Thursday, 4 April Tickets

19:30 - Friday, 5 April Tickets