2065 is a futuristic sensory extravaganza for audiences with profound and multiple learning disabilities.

Frozen Light are specialists in making sensory theatre for adult audiences with PMLD and this is their fifth touring production.

The year is 2065 - the people are stifled under an oppressive regime made up of all-powerful corporations. We follow a group of rebels who live outside the system and believe things can change for the better.
How can they remind people of a time when things were different?
When they hoped not only to survive but to thrive?
Can they bring music back to a city where it is needed more than ever?

Please note that this show is only for people with profound and multiple learning disabilities [age guide 13+] and their carers. 

To book your tickets call us on 01286 685 222 or email [Tickets cannot be booked online]

“The way the show is so carefully tailored to the audience’s needs provides a vital reminder that theatre can accommodate everyone”The Stage
“The painstaking care taken to choose just the right props is evident and makes the experience of watching 2065 so distinctive and exceptional”Disability Arts Online
“ The performance blended all five senses, we didn’t just watch we felt it, we heard it, we could smell it and we could touch it. To Zack that is conversation, that is interaction and that is bringing the world to him.”Audience member

11:00 - Monday, 26 September Tickets

11:00 - Tuesday, 27 September Tickets

11:00 - Wednesday, 28 September Tickets