Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (U): Dementia Gyfeillgar/Friendly


A relaxed screening – suitable for people living with dementia and their carers/families.


The house lights will remain on (low level) with the volume turned down slightly throughout the duration of the film, and audience members are free to move as they wish.


Adam decides to find a wife, and is pleased to find Milly. Milly is also happy, until she realises that Adam is one of seven brothers, and they all expect her to do everything for them. Milly decides to teach the brothers how to clean and behave, so that they can meet someone. The brothers do meet women, but there is a problem – the women already have partners.


Sit back, relax and enjoy the film with friends and family.


Bydd pris tocynnau yn codi £1.50 yr un ar ddiwrnod y dangosiad. Mae pris tocynnau yn cynnwys ffi archebu o 50c y tocyn.

11:00 - Wednesday, 27 May Tickets